Early school education will be provided through play way method. This would enable them to be well-equipped for the higher classes. This would also enable the children to interact with each other, ultimately leading to tolerance and coexistence. Special attention will be given to each child to develop their emotional life along with social and cognitive skills.

Learning is activity based. This would enable them to develop and maintain interest. Projects and experimentation, theatre and drama are some of the methods adopted. The child learns to solve problems effectively under the guidance of teacher. The teacher provides assistance to the child in language, general behaviour and motivates him to perform in challenging situations. Various clubs in nature, heritage, literary, quizzical, sports, science, fine arts and many more will be formed to cater to the requirements of children.

Hold their hands now and prepare them to fly in the future.

GNWS, a poised vision of the chairman Shri Bishan Lal Gupta who has established a number of educational institutions.