Chairman Message

Dear Students,
I feel very confident that with the quality of infrastructure, updated curriculum matching the latest in global scenario along with a congenial and student friendly faculty, there can not be any reason for, in particular for my students , not attaining their fullest potential. The world today needs peace and development and thus we need to foster youth, who are responsible to take on various challenges in life. I want my students to abound both in physical strength as well as mental capacity and when such attributes are tempered in with hard work and perseverance, the result is victory. Victory not for just an individual but for the entire society. This is the kind of individual, I want you to be and I am very sure that you shall be those shining stars that shall illuminate the way for all by creating value with your capacity. God bless you in all your endeavours.

Thank You
Rajesh Gupta (Chairman )

GNW School , a poised vision of the chairman Shri Bishan Lal Gupta who has established a number of educational institutions.