Education and approach

keeping pace with the changing times

GNW School has a carefully planned and unique concept known as Smart Board Classrooms. It will focus on technology enabled classrooms with interactive teaching-learning process promoting positive change. Following child-centered approach, "each class session" is designed in such a way that it not only clarifies concepts but also sharpens various skills of the child.

Where learning is fun

Elementary education will be provided through play way method. This would enable them to be well-equipped for the higher classes. This would also enable the children to interact with each other, ultimately leading to tolerance and coexistence. Special attention will be given to each child to develop their emotional life along with social and cognitive skills.

We believe in constructive education that goes even beyond achieving academic excellence.

GNW School , a poised vision of the chairman Shri Bishan Lal Gupta who has established a number of educational institutions.