Principal's Message

“To make the learning process an everlasting phenomenon, curiosity is the key component that will make him a learner as long as he lives.”

One of the most important decisions that parents take, is the school they choose for their child. At Greater Noida World School, we impart the best of education which has been specially tail or made to meet the needs of the coming generations.

Being a Principal, I believe in my role as an educator is to give personal care, guidance and nurture the students in a home away from home. To inculcate in them skills to achieve prosperity, good health and a respectful relationship with their peers, teachers and the broader community.

The school aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where in students are encouraged to explore their potential and achieve the highest goals as per their ability and interest in every aspect of life. The challenge to be ‘THE BEST’ can be in academic achievements if supported by holistic approach to personal learning

Here students are groomed in a way that inspires them to develop creativity, confidence & resilience to become independent and ethical life long learners.

Our students are the future leaders and role models of our nation.


GNW School , a poised vision of the chairman Shri Bishan Lal Gupta who has established a number of educational institutions.