Aim & Vision

We believe that each child is like a sapling that has to be taken care of. Providing them with enough strength to explore and seek answers to their Queries. We give them every opportunity to grow into healthy and strong individuals. We aim to provide quality education to one and all. We do not emphasize only on the syllabi but also on learning by playing. Teaching will be done in tune with nature , emphasizing on creativity, innovation, relevance, analysis, application and assessment. Our core principle shall be development of children into future global leaders with universal leadership qualities and a positive foresightedness, transforming them into world citizens. From an early age the child will be trained in identification and expression to promote their confidence and individuality. To inculcate in our students an attitude of respect for traditions and values, but at the same time make them individuals in sync with the modern world with the vision for a progressive,radical and advanced India
GNW School is a state-of-the-art learning centre to be operated under the guidelines and supervision of CBSE. A plethora of facilities and services we plan to provide can be matched only by a very few schools across the nation. It is a world with a variety of learning experiences that will address students physical, emotional, social, linguistic, creative, aesthetic and cognitive growth. We encourage children to pursue their own interests in the sphere of life, in the community and the world. We bridge the gap between home and School. We guide children to a strong self-discovery. We provide a stimulating and nurturing environment that encourages your child to discover, learn and grow.

GNW School , a poised vision of the chairman Shri Bishan Lal Gupta who has established a number of educational institutions.